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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Furnace This Winter

Steaming breaths and thick fur coats are now a common theme with the winter well and truly here. As the temperature dips every day, with some places experiencing subzero temperature on average, it becomes even more essential to ensure that your furnace works all day and all night.

Like other equipment in the home that requires maintenance and checks to perform at optimum efficiency, there are some things that you have to do to keep your furnace blazing at all hours, keeping your chilly bones warm. Here are some tips for you.

Winter Snow
Furnace Flames

#1. Make sure your home humidity level is constant

You should run a humidifier to help increase humidity levels in your home. Humidity refers to the degree of moisture in the atmosphere at a given time and place. It is linked to warmth, and this is exactly what you need a lot of during the winter.


When you use a humidifier, you can expect to avoid the worst symptoms of the cold like nose irritation, scratchy throat, dry skin, and chapped lips. Professionally, it is recommended that humidity levels during the winter should be at least 30%. In addition, you can measure humidity levels in the home by using a hygrometer.

#2. Change your furnace filter from time to time, as recommended

A furnace filter is a vital cog of the furnace contraption. It helps to reduce the number of physical contaminants that can harm the air return ducts. The contaminants could be dust, allergens, hair, or other things.

When changing the furnace filter, you should do so per an expert’s recommendation. Anything less may lead to lasting damage and unwanted complications.

#3. Set a schedule for your furnace maintenance

It is recommended that homeowners schedule frequent maintenance checks for their furnaces before winter comes around. Ideally, you should do this in the fall. Fall is close enough that the furnace functions at optimum level in time for the winter, but not as far off as the summer, where there’s enough time in between to develop faults.

When it comes to furnaces, it is cheaper to pay for semi-frequent to frequent maintenance checks than to replace it altogether in mid-winter. You should schedule two tune-ups for the warm and cool seasons for heat pumps.

#4. Keep your ceiling fans on

Sounds crazy, right? After all, you’re trying to increase heat, not cool down the temperature. Well, here’s some news for you.

Turning on your ceiling fans in the winter can help to reduce thermostat temperature slightly. This way, airflow within the home is improved, and moisture issues are averted. In addition, you cut gas and electricity costs because your furnace runs less.

Nevertheless, you can’t do all this when your fan spins in the default counter-clockwise rotation. It has to be set to rotate in a clockwise manner. This way, warm and cool air are redistributed such that the latter is high up while the former remains at the level of the walls. 

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