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7 Winter Driving Tips for Teen Drivers

Your teenage driver has scaled the hurdles of their driving test and obtained their license. But a bigger challenge is here - driving in wintry conditions. 

Navigating icy roads can be challenging, even for experienced drivers. Add to this the busy roads and risky driving habits characteristic of the holidays, and it's easy to see why your teenage driver needs the right guidance. 

We've provided the tips below to keep your teenager safe this winter. 

1. Practice first

Prepare your teen for winter driving before they hit the slippery roads on their own. Take them to a snow- or ice-covered parking lot and let them practice accelerating, braking, steering, and slow-speed maneuvering.

2. Reduce speed

The slippery road conditions can make controlling your vehicle challenging. So it's important to reduce your speed and travel at a slow pace. This way, you have more time to react in unexpected situations. Also, don't succumb to the pressures of other road users to drive faster than is safe. 

3. Mount winter tires

They aren't called winter tires for fun; they are designed to provide better traction on icy and snowy roads. Remove the summer tires and mount four new winter tires on the wheels. If you use a 2WD and can't afford four tires, buy two and mount on the two tires powered by the engine. 

4. Don't rely on technology

With technology, it's easy for teenagers to be lulled into a false sense of safety. So let your teenager know never to rely solely on technology. 

They may have a 4WD equipped with antilock brakes and stability control. But ultimately, their safety is in their hands. They still have to drive slowly to avoid losing control of the car. 

5. Stay within the tire tracks 

Try as much as possible to stay within the existing tire tracks or ruts on the road. The traction in these areas of the road is better, giving you better control of the vehicle. 

6. Carry an emergency kit

The winter weather can be unpredictable. So it's best to be prepared for any eventualities. Have your teenage driver keep a winter emergency kit in the car, containing items like jumper cables, blankets, a flashlight, extra batteries, non-perishable snacks, and a first-aid kit.

7. Stay indoors

Let your teen driver postpone their trip if possible, especially in extremely treacherous conditions. Staying indoors keeps them away from the dangers of the road and guarantees their safety. 

Keep your teenage driver safe on the road this winter season and beyond

With the above tips and a teen auto insurance policy, your teenage driver can enjoy the season's beauty while ensuring their safety and the safety of others on the road. Get a free quote today. 



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