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Process of Starting a Homeowners Insurance Claim

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

It can be rather tedious to start a homeowner insurance claim. Several insurance companies make it convenient for you to make claims online, as long as they aren't major issues.

However, if the insurance claim you're filing involves significant property damage, it may be best to go through an agent.

As a reputable WI homeowners insurance company, we’ve compiled the steps involved in filing a homeowner's insurance claim below:

New Homeowners

Get Permission to Re-Enter the House

It's risky to go into the property after it has been extensively damaged. Any tampering with proof of damage may partially void your claim.

In cases of arson or theft, you should report to the police immediately, and get the permission of the relevant authorities to re-enter the house.

Document the Incident

Your report will include vital information such as your ID, the date of the loss, and a comprehensive description of the incident. It also helps if you have an inventory of equipment and other items in your house.

You should also remember to document the incident in media format. Take videos and relevant photos of the property, specifically the damaged parts.

You'll also present this report to an adjuster.

Mitigate Additional Damage

You should try to salvage as much of your property as possible, even if the damage is extensive.

For instance, if there are holes in the roof, you could purchase some tarps to serve as a covering.

Get in Touch with Your Insurance Company

If it's minor damage, many WI homeowners insurance companies allow you to file the claims online. For more extensive damage, you'll have to visit their office.

Get Ready for the Adjuster

The home adjuster is a representative of the insurance company sent to carry out a damage evaluation.

It's advisable that you work with the adjuster in this period, as you can provide them with additional advice on specific points that they might overlook. You can also take the opportunity to ask them for information on the specifics of your insurance policy.

This stage is perhaps the most critical aspect of filing a home insurance claim, as it determines exactly how much the insurance company will give you to cover the damages.

Look for Repair Quotes

You should remember to get quotes from multiple contractors to have a comprehensive idea of the repair costs.

Settlement Review

This is the stage where you get an offer from your insurance company. If you don't deem it fit, you can review it, or get a public adjuster to check out the extent of the damage.

Home Insurance Agent

Accept the Payout

After you've been paid, you can then go ahead to fix the damage. If the damage is extensive, you can expect two payout installments.

At T4 Insurance Solutions, we not only find you the right WI homeowners insurance policy, but we also help you through the claims process. Schedule a consultation to get started today!



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