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Snowmobile Insurance: What to Know and What Coverage You Should Have

Winter is coming and many people will be riding their snowmobiles to have some fun in the snow.

But while gearing up for all the fun that lies ahead, it's important to be prepared for the likely accidents and emergencies that may arise by getting snowmobile insurance. We say likely because every year, snowmobile accidents lead to an estimated 200 deaths and 14,000 injuries.

Also, a snowmobile is quite costly and would also be expensive to repair if damaged in an accident. As such, you should invest in snowmobile insurance to cater to such situations in the likelihood of their occurrence.

What is snowmobile insurance?

Snowmobile insurance protects you against financial difficulty by providing coverage for loss or damages to your snowmobile, personal injuries, and damage to property. It also covers legal liabilities if you’re responsible for injuring someone or causing damage to their property.

What does snowmobile insurance cover?

A basic snowmobile insurance offers the following:

Collision coverage

Riding your snowmobile can be a lot of fun, but let's remember how easily they glide across snow or ice, raising the chances of colliding with a rock, wall, or even another vehicle if proper care is not taken.

Repairing the damages caused by a snowmobile can put a huge dent in your bank account, which is why snowmobile insurance is important to take off some of that burden.

Comprehensive coverage

A comprehensive snowmobile coverage pays to repair or replace your sled if it gets stolen or is damaged. It can cover situations such as fire, theft, flood, wind and vandalism.

Liability coverage

Nobody plans to have an accident, but it's always best to prepare for them while we hope they never happen. There is bound to be damage when there's an accident, which makes the need for liability coverage even more important. Liability coverage is of two types which are:

Property damage liability coverage

This covers damages made to other people’s property in an accident, including their vehicle, fence, or home.

Bodily injury liability coverage

Bodily injury liability coverage covers the cost of medical bills if someone is injured in an accident.

You may also be able to purchase additional coverage, such as year-round coverage, increased liability limits, accessory coverage, and uninsured and underinsured driver coverage

What is the cost of snowmobile insurance?

Like cars, there are different types of snowmobiles in terms of power, performance, size, design, and shape.

These differences, alongside the type of insurance you'd like to purchase and factors such as where you live, age, whether you allow others to use your sled, etc., play major roles in determining the cost of your snowmobile insurance.

Basic snowmobile insurance can cost between $100 and $500, depending on the abovementioned factors.

What coverage should I have?

The coverage you’ll choose depends on the extent of your activity with the snowmobile and your surroundings. Take note of each crucial factor and use it to deduce the best coverage for you.

Better still, connect with a local insurance agent for professional advice. An independent agent can also assess your individual situation and help you compare quotes from different insurance companies so you can choose the right snowmobile insurance for your needs and budget. Schedule a consultation with an independent agent today.



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